Find My Family Stories is for anyone who wants to preserve and pass on
a life history, family stories, or cultural heritage.


We Help You Preserve and Celebrate Your Ancestor's Stories and Cultural Heritage for Generations to Come.
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Family Stories

You are unique. Your family stories are part of a distinctive family tree. Bring your ancestor's stories to life with Find My Family Stories.

Preserve your cultural heritage through interviews of your oldest ancestors. You can choose genealogy research of your ancestry or interviews of family to put into writing your ancestor’s life story to support family traditions, such as stories of falling in love, going to war, children, recipes and home life.

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Interviews of Your Oldest Ancestor

Oral history is the collection of living people’s testimony about their own experiences or their personal knowledge of past events. By preserving your family stories you are preserving your family’s heritage.

Hear Their Stories

Hear their stories in their own voices. Record audio or even a video.

The Great Depression

Learn how they survived this challenging period of history.

The World Wars

Learn their thoughts, feelings and involvement.


How much of what they liked has been passed down and to whom?


Ever wonder where your skills and capabilities came from?


Did nurses, servants or borders live in the family home?

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You are the Family Historian

Are you the designated keeper of family memorabilia? Do you need help as the family historian? Do you have boxes of records with dates and places, but no family book that holds this valuable information in one place?

Have you or a family member experienced a life-changing event that has defined enhanced changes you've made in your life? Do you feel transformed from the life events in your life? Have you experienced the positive changes from your life-changing event?

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